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Body Perfection are working with ScreenCancer UK and MASCED to increase skin cancer awareness and convenient onsite screening . Our staff are accredited by MASCED in spotting suspicious looking moles or legions and making our customer’s aware that they may need further investigation. We also offer a cost effective and confidential screening service on site to all our customers using innovative screening technology and highly trained staff.

How It works 

  1. A suspicious mole or legion is spotted by our accredited staff during one of our many treatments. Or a customer makes us aware they are worried about a particular mole/legion.
  2. A consultation is arranged with one of trained staff. We will photograph the mole/legion with a dermoscopy camera and send a report into screencancer for assessment by a qualified dermatologist. 
  3. Screencancer sends a report directly to the client if all clear. If there is a cause for concern a HCA(Health Care Advisor) will contact the client directly to advise of appropriate action. Reports are normally replied within a week however can take upto 14 days.
  4. If all clear the client can be assured all is fine or decide to remove the mole/legion at Body Perfection by means of cryo freezing. 

Consultation Price’s

£40 for 1 mole/legion consultation including screencancer report

£20 for each additional mole/legion

Cryo Freezepen Prices Per Treatment

Mole £100

Skin Tag £25

Wart £100

Verruca £75

Cherry Agioma £25

For more information about freezepen and how it works please see our dedicated freezepen information.

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