Carbon Laser Facial

What is carbon laser facial ?

Charcoal laser facial is a new addition in recent years to traditional ND YAG Q switched machines that were mainly used for tattoo pigment or skin legions. This treatment is a rejuvenating treatment to help diminish the appearance of

Active acne
Large pores
Signs of ageing

How does it work?

The treatment works, adding carbon paste to the area and by blasting the skin with short burst of laser energy which works by not only penetrating deep into the skin but exfoliating the epidermis giving maximum short and long term results.


This treatment will improve the appearance of wrinkles. The heat from the laser penetrates deep into the skin, in turn this creates an inflammatory response within the dermal layers. The response is for the body to immediately start repairing the area that has been damaged. This is done by the body producing new collagen within the area which creates a smoother skin appearance and thus reducing wrinkles .


This treatment reduces pigmentation, the laser penetrates into the skin where the pigmentation sits. The laser works in two ways to remove the pigmentation. Firstly the blast of the laser energy destroys the pigmentation by making it shatter into smaller pieces. The body is then able to recognise it as a foreign object and starts to remove it from the body. The heat also dries up the pigmentation and can make it come out of the skin physically by creating a crust on the skins surface which will gradually fall off and the area will become lighter.


Acne is caused by an over production of sebaceous oils being produced and then getting blocked by excess keratin within the pores, meaning that the oils cannot freely move to the skins surface and disperse.

Acne treatment works in two ways, firstly the laser light eats up the capillaries supplying the sebaceous ]gland with the excess oil production and essentially makes them dormant so an over supply is not created. The heat also kills the P acne bacteria to stop spreading the acne.

Large pores/skin tone

The blast of energy onto the carbon paste which is applied to the skins surface creates an exfoliating effect to the epidermis which reduces the appearance of open pores and softens the skin tone.

How many sessions are need?

A course of 6 treatments is required for full results on some of these treatments, however you will see results after just one treatments. We advise one treatment a month. Top up treatments may be required

Are there any side effects

It is important to use SFP 30 or more 30 days up-to treatment and 30 days after. Slight redness which will subside within a few hours of treatments
Uncommon side effects are, Hypo/hyper pigmentation, itching or minor bruising

Does this treatment hurt?

This is a pain free treatment and a mild tingling sensation is felt.

Is a patch test required.

Yes, a patch test and consultation is needed before treatment commence

Forehead             £80
Full Face             £120
Chin                    £60
Cheeks                £60
Mid Brow             £45
Upper Lip            £45
Neck                   £60

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