Acne Clearance

Acne Clarence 

Acne Clarence 

Acne results from a change in the way in which keratin is laid down in the hair follicle, with the keratin becoming denser and blocking the secretion of sebum. This produces a sterile inflammatory response and as a result plugging of the hair follicle causing a whitehead.

Acne is also caused by the body’s increased production of the hormone androgen, which is stimulates the sebaceous gland to produce more oil. The increased production of oil cannot come up to the skins surface.

The acne is an infection caused by a skin bacterium propionbacterium acnes, P ACNES that feeds on and breaks down this oil. As a bacteria multiplies, waste products and sebaceous acid are created and irritate the sebaceous gland, which becomes inflamed causing a blackhead pimple or nodule.

With more severe acne the distended walls of the follicle may break and the content may enter the dermis provoking a foreign body response of inflammation. This rupture of the follicle can cause intense inflammation, which can lead to necrosis of the tissue and scarring

Factors that can aggravate acne

A humid environment
Stress, emotional or physical
Scratching or squeezing the infected area
A woman going through the monthly cycle
Certain types of medication
Hormonal imbalances

How will may treatment work?

The IPL targets the p acnes bacteria in the skin. A photodynamic reaction occurs which performs a selective destruction of the p acnes themselves. With successive treatments the rate of acne destruction can become greater than the growth of the bacteria leading to reduction in the inflamed lesions and can prevent further scarring.

Treatment plan

The schedule for the treatment is to be discussed at your consultation, maintenance treatments maybe necessary. Please consider skin rejuvenation after these treatments for a clearer complexion.

Why do I have to have a patch test and consultation.

A patch test is conducted to make sure you have no reactions, we complete a through consultation and discuss medical conditions. We may ask for a doctors note before we go ahead with treatment

Forehead         £80
Full Face         £120
Chin                £60
Cheeks            £60
Mid Brow         £45
Upper Lip        £45
Neck               £60

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