botox and fillers

Injectable’s and Fillers

Injectable’s and Filler treatments are done by a nurse practitioner / prescriber. All treatments are carried out in Body Perfection Laser Clinic Willenhall.

All injectables are carried out by qualified nurses only using safe high quality products.




1 Area of injectable’s £120 female/£150 male

2 Area’s of injectable’s £190 female/£210 male

3 Area’s injectable’s £235 female/£275 male

Jawline Slimming / Teeth Grinding £225

Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating) £300 both under arms

Gummy Line Correction £100

Chin Dimpling £150

Smokers/Kiss Lines £100

Nefertiti Neck lift £200

Injectable’s Will be carried out at Body Perfection Clinic Willenhall

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Non-Surgical facelift From £600

Contour Package From £350

Cheek augmentation
Revolax – £140 -1.0ml
Juvederm – £230 -1.0ml

Fillers/Lines and Wrinkles
Revolax 1.0ml £140
Juverderm 1.0ml £220

£140 Revolax -1.0ml
£220 Juverderm -1.0ml

Tear Trough£250

Teosyal Redensity -1.0ml

Jawline Contouring
£140 Revolax -1.0ml
£250 Juverderm -1.0ml

Penis Fillers
UMA or Juenesse £140 per ml
Revolax or Teosyal £200 per ml

Dermal Fillers will be carried out at Body Perfection Clinic Willenhall.

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