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What Is Skin Analysis 

A Intelligent face skin analysis system is used to see deep into the skin. The analyser collects existing problems with its high-tech latest spec cameras then magnifies the them for skin observations. After skin analysis has taken place the software then accesses huge amounts of collected data to produce a comprehensive skin report. 

The report will show the age of your skin and the following information skin texture, moisture content, oil content, red blood condition, pigment, brown spots, UV spots, red areas, acne condition and hair follicle cleanness. Also areas of concern to concentrate on. With this in-depth accurate detailed information a skincare plan can be agreed. The skin analysis machine records all data and can easily compare customer reports on a return visit to ensure the skincare improvements have taken place. 

Who Needs Skin Analysis 

We would advise everyone looking to make improvements to skin health, control conditions or when trying to improve the signs of ageing. A detailed skin report accurately can make a huge difference when the correct products are used. 


1 x Skin Analysis Consultation £25 

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