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These days there is more pressure on the modern male to look the best they can. That’s why here at Body Perfection we have many treatments to suit all, including body shaping, weight loss, hair removal and much more. If your male and wish to keep treatments private Body Perfection is the clinic for you. After checking in at reception in West Midlands House, you will then be escorted to our private treatment rooms.

Personalised Male Facials

Facials aren’t just for women or celebrities! We have a great range facials to suit all men, working in any environment. If you wish to feel refreshed, remove wrinkles or skin damage we do it all. Please click below to see our range of male facials.

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Male Laser Treatments

Reduce your wrinkles, fine lines or skin damage with our latest laser treatments. If your serious about reversing the signs of aging these are for you.

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Male Body Shaping

If you’re not happy with your body shape this is the treatment for you, despite dieting or gym you still have areas of stubborn fat or lose skin you can’t improve. Our professional technicians use a variety of fat freeze, cavitation and radio frequency skin tightening to sculpt your body.

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IPL Male Hair Removal

Look sharp all the time without spending all your time shaving. Shape your beard or get rid of unsightly chest and back hair. We do it all

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Male Grooming

Waxing, pedicure, manicure we take care of it all please click below for full list of male treatments

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